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Stem Cell Preservation with StemSave

Protect your family’s future health. Stem cells, found in cord blood and other parts of the anatomy, can be used to naturally repair the human body. The most common procedure for storing stem cells is at birth, using the umbilical cord. However, we can now harness the lifesaving potential of stem cells in our dental office. The National Institutes of Health recently found a powerful class of adult stem cells in baby teeth, wisdom teeth, and permanent teeth.

StemSave, a partnership between top stem cell researchers and the dental health community, offers a simple and affordable service for the collection and preservation of stem cells. Collection depends on your unique situation. As an adult, you might have a dental procedure scheduled that requires extraction, or choose to extract a tooth for the express purpose of collecting stem cells. Parents can easily coordinate the loss of baby teeth with a dental appointment to take advantage of StemSave. Don’t leave those valuable stem cells for the tooth fairy!

In either case, if you choose to pursue stem cell preservation, we will schedule an appointment, immediately seal the tooth after extraction, and rush it to a StemSave laboratory for testing. Viable cells will be cryogenically stored in case the donor ever needs them for a lifesaving procedure.

The scientific community touts the valuable potential of stem cells that will, in the near future, help patients afflicted with debilitating health conditions such as:

One tooth may save your life or your child’s life. Experience the peace of mind that stem cell preservation offers, for both you and your family. Visit for more information.