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Family Dentistry – North Andover, MA

Complete Dental Care for Your Family

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Your life is busy. You don’t have the spare time in your day to visit multiple dental offices to ensure everyone in your home gets the care they need. You can save time with Dr. E. Charles Beliveau and his team. We provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages under one roof. Through a focus on prevention, we’ll create generations of healthy smiles that can last for a lifetime.

Cleanings & Checkups

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Your toothbrush and floss are your first line of defense against preventable issues, like tooth decay and gum disease. Although they are effective, your oral hygiene habits at home are only half the care your smile needs. The American Dental Association recommends everyone over the age of 2 visits their dentist at least twice a year for preventive services.

A routine cleaning removes harmful buildup that can lead to certain issues, like gum disease or bad breath. Regular cleanings allow Dr. Beliveau to monitor your dental health to detect concerns while they are still small, such as early tooth decay. This reduces your long-term oral health costs by keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Children’s Dentistry

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While the baby teeth are only in place for a few short years, they are essential to your child’s oral health and development. They also act as placeholders for their adult teeth. We provide the gentle and compassionate care young patients need to enjoy their time at the dentist. They will get to know Dr. Beliveau and our team over the years as we nurture the development of a healthy, functional smile.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a protective barrier applied to the chewing surfaces of the teeth to make them more resistant to tooth decay. We often recommend them for children; however, they can also be used for adults. We can give your entire family an added layer of protection to keep their smiles cavity-free with dental sealants.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is known as “nature’s cavity fighter” because is strengthens the enamel to make it more resistant to decay. Besides drinking tap water and choosing a fluoride toothpaste, we also recommend a fluoride treatment during your routine appointments. Applying the varnish to your teeth can reverse the early stages of decay to keep your smile healthy.

Nightguards for Bruxism

If you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, you can harm your smile. The excess pressure makes you more prone to tooth sensitivity, chips, and fractures. It can even change your bite or cause tooth loss. We can preserve your smile and stop any discomfort with a custom-made nightguard. It acts as a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth to stop unnecessary damage.


If you or a loved one plays sports, you need an athletic mouthguard. The custom-fit device protects your teeth and oral structures from injury if there’s trauma to your face. Research shows a sportsguard can even decrease the risk of concussion. Our athletic mouthguards are made of comfortable, durable material for superior performance.

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