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Improved Endurance and Strength with Under Armour

An athletic mouthguard is an essential piece of equipment for any athlete. But not all mouthguards are made the same. A ready-made mouthguard purchased from your local sporting goods store may provide your smile with adequate protection, but what is it doing to your performance? Breathing and speaking can be more difficult with a mouthguard that doesn’t fit properly. What’s more, keeping an ill-fitting mouthguard in place requires jaw clenching, which stimulates the release of cortisol. When this stress hormone is released, it can lead to feelings of fatigue.

Compare this to the experience of wearing a custom-made Under Armour mouthguard. Under Armour mouthguards are designed for maximum comfort and fit snugly to make speaking and breathing easier. They’re also designed to counteract jaw clenching and the body’s release of cortisol. As a result, active patients can experience improved strength and endurance.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of an Under Armour mouthguard? Don’t hesitate to contact our North Andover dental office for a consultation with Dr. Beliveau.

Under Armor Mouthguard

We’re even an authorized provider of Under Armour Performance Mouthwear.