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Teeth Whitening

Young man and woman smiling outdoorsA bright, bold smile looks youthful and exuberant on anyone, male or female. If, over the years, your tooth enamel has tarnished, modern teeth whitening can deliver the much-needed boost you want. Dr. Beliveau offers a professional-grade teeth-whitening system that’s completely safe and highly effective.

If you’ve tried over-the-counter bleaching systems, toothpastes, or strips and simply have not seen the results you want, ask about professional-strength whitening. Our teeth-whitening system works on stains caused by dark foods and beverages, tobacco, and the yellowing that occurs from age. In some cases, even harsh tetracycline stains lighten or vanish.

We will create custom-fitted mouth trays to hold a potent bleaching gel against your tooth enamel. The trays also keep saliva from diluting the whitening solution. Usually, patients are directed to wear the gel-lined trays for a few hours each evening at home. Many of our patients report noticeable results after just one use, but optimal results surface after about two weeks of daily treatment. After the initial treatment session, you can touch up your smile as needed by reusing your trays. We stock replacement whitening gel in our North Andover, MA office for your convenience.

For patients who desire permanently white teeth, Dr. Beliveau may suggest porcelain veneers.